According to Michael Freeman in his exceptional new book “The Photographer’s Eye”

– Composition is the organization of elements within the frame.

– Contrast & balance are the two most fundamental principals of composition.

Contrast is all about differences! Not surprisingly, I’ve always thought that contrast only meant the difference in value between highlights & shadows…… but the reality is that almost anything can create contrast to something else!

This week’s challenge: To find as many shots as possible (old or new) that include the following contrasts:

  • large/small
  • light/dark
  • much/little
  • straight/curved
  • smooth/rough
  • liquid/solid

(Contrast can be found within the same image or by comparing two images.)

It’s a tall order and I may have overdone it…… but I’ll see how many I can find…!

BTW – Please feel free to jump in, add a reply and, if desired, include a link to your own images…. 🙂

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