Contrast Challenge # 1

Following up on my previous post, I went looking for a variety of contrasts as a first step in improving my photographic eye for good composition.

BTW… for a wealth of info on composition, Michael Freeman’s Photo Blog is a very worthwhile read & one I highly recommend bookmarking.

My plan was to find all my shots on one morning walk & I was surprisingly successful!

Here are my first attempts at specifically looking for contrasts in composition, all shots taken within a 20 minute timeframe.

Found this one for “Curved/Straight Lines”, perhaps not that interesting but clearly has both straight & curved (circular) lines….

Straight & curved lines
Lines... Curved & Straight

This version is a little less boring. It lacks ‘straight lines’, but I like it… 🙂

Pinched lines
Straight lines & curves (sort of)

In the same place, I found my next candidate for “Smooth/Rough Textures” –

Textures smooth & rough
Contrasts Smooth & Rough

This is my favourite shot…while looking for “Large/Small”, I found two barns, one large, one small, you may notice that here the large barn is the small one & the small barn is the large one, usually I’m not that imaginative so I actually managed to impress myself with this shot…:-)

Large/small shot
One large, one small but which is which?

The last shot found on my walk was this one, for Much/Little”…. this baseball cap & empty water bottles were left scattered around the garbage can after a slow pitch game. Nothing was rearranged – I thought it was clear enough as is… one hat, many bottles!

Many/few or Much/little

I have combined the last 2 challenge shots, which were “Light/Dark” and “Liquid/Solid”, into one photograph. I think it works nicely & it wraps up my first set of contrasts:

Light Dark Liquid Solid
Light/Dark AND Liquid/Solid - all in one!

And we are now one step closer to better composition via contrasts!

Here are the challenge contrasts for next week:





And that’s enough, because that’s a difficult set of shots… Whew! I’ll certainly surprise myself if I find all those….!

I would love it if you joined in & challenged yourself to find some of these concepts & then sent me a link to your shots or left me a reply with whatever thoughts you might have on my little photographic venture here…. 🙂

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Enjoying photography and blogging in my retirement.

One thought on “Contrast Challenge # 1

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Janet. My blog here is only a year old but I have 3 others on here dating back 5 years or more (on other subjects).
    I love your idea of self challenges and will try to work that into my routine. I’m also a Michael Freeman fan and have 3 of his books.

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