Last week’s Challenge to find several distinct contrasting elements & combine them for better composition, proved much more difficult than I had envisioned.

But, I did manage to find three shots that I think are adequate enough to consider the challenge met….!

The following are the Elements of Contrast that I was searching for:

  • Hard/Soft
  • High/Low
  • Strong/Weak
  • Thick/Thin

The first one is a combination effort & includes both the High/Low and the Hard/Soft contrasting elements. You may think this is a bit of a stretch, but I think it qualifies as a viable entry:

Wheat & It's Elevator

High/Low and Hard/Soft contrasts....

There are several contrasting elements here… the High/Low of the clouds & the wheat growing low to the ground, and the contrasting sensation of the softness of the billowing clouds surrounding the hard, cold cement structure of the modern elevator.

What do you think? Makes sense to me, but then I was getting a little desperate to complete the project…. 🙂

I found this next contrast concept to be the most difficult & had to reach into the archives for this one (which, btw, is not against the rules….that’s one of the things I am most enjoying about being both the creator & the player of my own game, I make up all the rules as I go along!)

The challenge was to find an image that contained the contrasting ideas of Strong & Weak:

Mom & her new calf

Big strong Mama, brand new baby....

I think it’s the gesture of the mother as she gently touches her new baby that creates the feeling of the Strong gently protecting the Weak. I find that I am still constantly on the lookout for the Strong/Weak contrasting elements because I think they could create a very powerful image in the appropriate context and they are certainly not something commonly seen, or could it be that my eyes are still not seeing something that IS everywhere around me…?

To complete this challenge, my third offering is all about Thick vs Thin:

Nail the tire

Thin, sharp nail meets thick, wide tire

I was convinced that this would be an easy shot to find as there are all kinds of thick & thin ‘things’ everywhere one looks. However, to actually find them & then create an image that is either interesting or pleasing is quite another story & once again – was much more difficult than I thought.

The happy ending to my second challenge is that I discovered that it is much more fun, worthwhile & rewarding (even though there are no prizes) when the challenge is more ‘challenging’ and I am beginning to come to a whole new understanding of exactly how much I have yet to learn about composing photographic images.

And that’s a good thing!

During the next week, I’ll be looking for shots that are all about ‘Balance’. I hope to find at least 2 shots worthy of this composition challenge – demonstrating Balance & Imbalance.

Sounds challenging, doesn’t it?

2 Comments on “Contrast Challenge # 2

  1. Excellent, Janet! You’ve seen some things here that I would have walked right by. Good work.

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