Just when we think we have talked about every form of Balance in composition that can be found, we find more! Isn’t that exciting?

Billie King at Billie Jean’s Home on SmugMug has contributed the following shots & thoughts on Balance, she is the first to notice that we have NO black & white shots in our discussion, an oversight that needs to be ‘balanced’ …   🙂

Both of the following images are excellent examples of completely different types of balance. Billie’s comments on her images are found beneath each one….

Balancing Doors

I think the doors are a good example of symmetrical balance but with the added interest that the art work on the wall behind the doors creates an informal balance — the design on the right is heavy on solid black while the design on the left balances it with it’s the arch at the top as well as with the number of squares and rectangles. Before reading your blogs and Judy’s article, I would have called this composition.

Balancing Act

My street hockey picture was about to be tossed, but then I saw the balance in it, and I think it’s an additional kind of balance, which I would call blur/clear balance (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for this). At any rate the different focus values of each kid are in perfect balance. Then I noticed their feet! I cropped it so each kid’s foot is equal distance from the frame, which really balanced out the picture, it amazed me when I saw that it needed that crop—once again, only because of your blog. I may actually post this one for my POTD today because now I like it so much and am so glad I didn’t delete it.

You are SO right about the ‘street hockey’ shot! I don’t think I would have noticed the blur/clear balance but now that you have pointed it out, it’s very obvious that the sense of balance created is a very important element in the appeal of the image.

Thanks so very much, Billie …. for contributing your images and for your thoughtful analysis of each shot. And thanks for correcting the colour/ black & white imbalance!!

I hope that all this information has been beneficial to all who might be reading – perhaps in the future you may look at your own images with a new eye to Balance as an integral and often overlooked element within composition.

If you would like to share your own ideas & images as part of our discussion, please leave a comment below or email me at jbmcphoto@gmail.com.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has taken the time and to participate in this Balance Challenge & I hope you find it helpful….. 🙂

2 Comments on “Balance in black & white ….

  1. Wonderful information and pictures. I really enjoyed this series as now I will be looking at my own pictures much differently and see what I need to do to achieve some balance in them. Terrific post from both you and Billie Jean!

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