Sleeping dog's paw

My dear Shelby,

Have I told you what a fabulous dog you are?

I may have forgotten lately, you might even think I’ve been a little cranky….  and it could have something to do with your new hobby of barking incessantly at absolutely nothing every time you go outside.

I’m not sure what you are thinking – perhaps you are just so excited about hearing your own voice and all the marvellous things you can do with it – but you clearly have no concept of time and you’ve never been introduced to the concept of obsessive behavior.

So first… let me say that ‘I’m sorry’. I don’t understand and neither do the neighbours.

Let me also apologize for the dismal supply of new toys coming into the house.

Let me remind you that at first – before you perfected your talent for disembowelling every single toy ever made for dog or man, even the most expensive and indestructible dog toys available – that you had an exciting and steady flow of new toys and balls, squeekies and chewy things.

I do agree that your toy box is in a very sad state at present but, unfortunately, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I’m also very sorry that your walks are so short. I am aware that only 2 to 3 hours a day seems like a waste of time to you…. I’m pretty sure that your idea of a REAL walk would be somewhere between 8 to 10 hours a day.

Again… unfortunately, I don’t see that changing any time soon either.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let me tell me how very proud I am of you!

You are doing SO much better at Doggie Day Care lately, not so many time-outs and apparently the other dogs are beginning to enjoy chasing you around the room for countless laps at top speed.

I’m very proud of you too, for learning how to play without frightening and irritating all the other dogs and that you’ve finally made some friends.

All in all, you are SUCH a good girl and a great dog…. you are the best guard dog EVER…. nothing ever sneaks by you!

I love how you cuddle when your day is done and you are finally tired. I love how great your kisses are, even though they tend to be a little intense, just like everything else.

I love how smart you are, and how many words you know already…. apparently you can already spell w-a-l-k… how smart is that?

I love how you are always close beside me, sometimes it’s tricky on the stairs but I’m getting used to that… finally.

I love how you’re never resentful when we have to leave you behind, how you never care that we’re grumpy or not dressed properly or get tired of throwing the ball.

I love how you greet us with your whole wriggly body, not just an ordinary happy tail wag like other dogs do …. I love how funny you are and how you love it when we laugh at you …

Mostly I love how you love us. Unconditionally, without limits or reservations or expectations.

Pure joy, pure love, endless loyalty and adoration.

You fill our house with your very Being-ness….

You are my ‘miracle with paws’… just wanted you to know… in case you start to wonder sometimes…

With love and big squishy hugs,
Your Mom  xoxo

9 Comments on “A letter to my dog

  1. Understanding ‘Doglish’ is hard for dog-moms. In the end, it’s all about the love and ‘effuryone’ understands that. Thank you for swinging by the “Ranch” and for the follow. We ❤︎ visitors, especially dog moms and dads. ~ ღonika, Sam, & Elsa 🐾

    • Thank you so much for dropping by and the follow as well… I will definitely enjoy following your adventures on the ‘Ranch’ as we have a very scaled down version of the ranch here so I feel I can totally relate… 🙂

      • Thanks so much! Lovely compliment…. I’m in Manitoba …have always longed to visit Oregon. You are in Colorado?? I’m really enjoying exploring your blog & will def be back often… 🙂

      • Ah, one of our Canadian friends. LOVE your art and photographs. It’s all soooo beautiful with fabulous quality of light. Yes, we are a mere 3 miles from downtown Denver. Thanks, I’ll definitely be checking you out more, too! Have a great weekend. ღ

  2. I love this letter. I expresses so much of what most dog owners have experienced. Our previous two shelties, Willoughby and Paco, loved to hear the sounds of their voices and barked at everything and nothing, much like your Shelby. Our new little yorkie, Winston, is not a “barker,” thank heavens, but he has boundless energy and seems to feel we exist only to play with him and take him for walks. Most days we take him for a 3-mile walk and he is willing to take a nap after our walks.

    Your shots of Shelby, as well as the other dog portraits on your site, are wonderful. As you know, I still miss Bruno and love seeing your photos of him, especially the one of him covered with ice and snow!

    • Thanks so much Judy…. I love that picture of Bruno too, maybe I’ll add it to a blog here in the near future.

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