It’s storming again, the blizzard rages around the house. It’s dark and I can’t see the snow, but I can hear it beating on the windows and I can feel the cold seeping through the doors.

We’re safe inside, cuddled by the fire. It’s warm and bright, the smells of supper still linger. Soon we’ll sleep in soft cozy beds….

lovely deer

So many are not so lucky, all the beautiful creatures that stay with us through our long and bitter winter. Are they cold? Hungry? Are they sheltered from the wind, buried in the snow deep in the bush?

If only I could feed them all, give them warmth and shelter from that freezing icy wind.

But I’m in here and they’re out there, and that’s just the way it has to be. It seems unfair and so unkind but maybe that’s not the way it seems to them…. I hope…

deer in trees

deer in bushdeer running

It’s a difficult year for the deer with so much snow and such terribly cold temperatures. Let’s all send them our hope for warmer days and an early spring …..

Thanks for dropping by, my friends,

2 Comments on “Be safe, be warm

  1. We’ve often had lots of deer at other places where we’ve lived and I frequently wondered, just as you do, how they manage to survive the cold winters.

    • Many thanks for your comments today, Judy. I’ve just resurrected my blog over the last few days and it’s quite a hodge podge right now, so I’m surprised you found it! LOL. So I am ‘extra’ appreciative of your efforts… πŸ™‚

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