Hello & happy spring, wherever you are!

Finally I am sharing the beautiful postcards I received from the Liberate Your Art exchange. It was such fun to find them steadily show up in my mailbox, and then to connect with the artist over the next few days.

Also… it brought other connections into my life – a special mention & thanks to my friend, Art Hill, who also joined the LYA ‘movement’ and shared with a blog post, so nice to hear from you again, Art…

I am at least a month behind everyone else in the LYA group for sharing in a blog post …. although I did make sure that I contacted each and every artist by email and the connection was always lovely.

Already, I am looking forward to next year’s event. Knowing the ‘ropes’ will certainly be of help for next year – it’s rather a big thing to jump into at first, even though Kat’s instructions are all anyone needs to participate and the Facebook group is extremely helpful.

It’s the little things I struggled with, like what exactly should I write on the back – how much information is required? What pictures to choose? (This took forever to decide!) Should I make all the postcards the same picture? Or make them all different? (I went with the latter, but I think next year I will choose just one picture – it will be easier when folks are responding to my cards.)

Another important lesson I learned is to keep a list of where my cards landed and also keep track of where the cards I received came from and who sent them. I foolishly thought I would remember these details and of course… I have not!

So… to the best of my memory, here are the postcards I received, in order of their arrival:

FROM: Judy on Whidbey Island, WA, USA

A collage made from the Useless Bay Coffee Company door.

FROM: Gloria, CA, USA

A lovely piece of art that unfortunately came with a negative political statement on the back …

FROM:  Polly in Florida, USA

Came with a lovely wish for ‘much art & peace in 2017’. Beautiful!

FROM: somewhere in the Hudson Valley, I believe… so sorry I lost all record of the artist who mentioned that she painted this in a watercolour class….

A beautiful watercolour!! I loved this so much we used it in our own little art class to practice watercolours.

FROM: Louise ….. as far as I can tell, Louise lives in France but I was unable to find out where….

Rooftops in Apremont, France

FROM: Kat Sloma… a lovely way to say ‘thanks for joining the LYA swap’ from Kat…

Kat says: “Experiment, Play & Create… Liberate!”

My postcards managed to scatter themselves quite nicely – one went to the mountains of Finland (so cool!) and the rest popped up all over the US, and I don’t know which postcards went where, which is why next year I will do just one picture. I heard back from all but one recipient, so I don’t know if that means someone forgot to contact me or perhaps there is one lonely card still traveling the world in a mailbag, looking for it’s home….

As always, thanks so much for joining me. I’m so grateful you stopped by…. and one day, in the perfect world I am always expecting – I will post more often and with great regularity! (kidding, of course.)

As Kat so perfectly says:

Experiment, Play, Create & Liberate!!

4 Comments on “Art: Successfully Liberated

  1. neat project, Janet!  I tried to leave a comment on the blog but it required me to log into wordpress and I don’t remember my password, as I no longer use the service and I did not want to get into all that.

    • Thanks Judy… you would really enjoy the project, I’m sure….perhaps you should consider it for next year? (Sorry you had trouble leaving the comment, I just checked and as far as I can tell, the only thing required to leave a comment on the blog is your email and name, so I can’t figure out why you would have to log in. It’s upsetting because I purposely do not have that enabled as I don’t like it when I have to do that to leave comments on other blogs, and find it very annoying. Hopefully it is a glitch that will just go away…. sigh….)

    • You’re very welcome, Art… it was so nice to hear from you. I wanted to add a link to your blog, but couldn’t find it….

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