Summer takes me away from my blog. Winter brings me back. It’s winter now, so here I am, beginning again. The days are short, the outdoors never beckons and the long hours of darkness drive me inwards. Thoughts of writing become obsessive. 

Even though I don’t have much to say, these thoughts plead to come out and be written. Ideas for the blog bubble up constantly, then fade, disappearing into the next load of laundry or the grocery list. Forgotten as quickly as a dream not written down. 

Blogs written in my head – hundreds. Blogs written on paper – zero. Well, now maybe it’s one. At least it’s a blog begun. Surprisingly exhausting!

I’m not concerned that I have nothing in particular to say today or that I may be saying it with poor grammar and incorrect sentence structure. The point is to begin. 

I know that I have lots to say. At least, I’m pretty sure I do.

About aging. 

About creativity.

About aging and creativity.

About photography and painting and art and using technology to enhance all of that.

I have lots to say about my life, how it’s turned out and where I want it to go from here. And even where I want it to end up. 

I think about all these things, a lot. Years of unexpressed thoughts tend to build up pressure and will start seeping out through the cracks if not attended to. The value of writing and blogging may be grossly underestimated. 

I’m not sure where this blog will go. I believe it has a direction of its own and at this point, I am unaware of its travel plans. It may be just a fun ride without any real value or direction but wherever the road leads me, I want to be participating – doing my best to express myself, to have fun and to create the space in my life that I need to make it happen. 

I want to write. I will write. At least once a week, I’m really shooting for twice, but we will see.

Expect to hear from me. We’ll chat. About all of the above. Maybe more. It won’t be earth shattering or fanatically meaningful, I promise. It will just be me and my blog, shuffling along on some kind of journey and if you’ve got a few extra minutes now and then, we’d love it if you came along. 

Cheerio (as my Dad always said) and may the wind always be at your back. 


4 Comments on “Thoughts on being a seasonal blog procrastinator

  1. Congrats! You took the first step! Words and thoughts recorded. Happy blogging!

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