There is a very special energy created when women gather. Have you noticed? Have you ever felt it?

I had a wonderful healthy dose of this very special energy last weekend and it ‘got me to thinkin’ … and wanting to write about it.

You may have heard of our little group of women known locally as SAG. Our mission is mostly Art. But we also focus on Duncan’s Baked Goodies whenever possible.

We are part of a new movement known as “Super-agers”, (replacing worn out terms like Elderly, Mature, Senior, Old, and of course, the dreaded ‘Baby Boomers’). “Elder Chicks” also works for me but doesn’t work with our acronym. (ie: ECAG) So we will stick with SAG.

We are the Super-Agers Art Group or sometimes the Super Awesome Gals, depending on our collective frame of mind at any given time. SAG prides itself on being flexible.

Last weekend we organized and successfully completed our first ever Road Trip.

Travelling a couple of hours south to rural Manitoba, we managed to squeeze in a lovely lunch, a bit of shopping, a couple of errands, some wonderful visiting in a particularly beautiful home (snacks & cheesecake included) and two amazing Gallery Art Shows – all in one afternoon!

What a great day we had!

the art show

And the very best of it all – was not the places we went or the art we saw or the food we ate – it was the time we spent together, in each other’s wonderful company.

We are all women who grew up in the fifties and sixties, absorbing all the expectations implanted in girls of that era. Because we share that common bond, we don’t have to explain to each other why we think the way we do, why we made the life choices we did and why we are different than our daughters in ways they find difficult to understand.

We are close simply because we were raised by the same parental belief system in the same cultural environment.

But then again, it’s more than that.

Together, we are so much more than when we are alone. The energy between us is synergistic and it grows. The more we laugh, the more we share, the more we care. It is comforting and empowering, easy and safe.

When we gather, we are not mother, daughter, wife, co-worker, or any of our other many roles. We are friend. And being friend means we are open and caring, unafraid to share and be vulnerable. We are accepted for who we are. 

We can talk about the mundane as well as the deep and the dark, we can share or not. We can laugh at things that are funny or not. We can relax into silence, we can talk or listen or drift off, carried away by thoughts that we often don’t have the time and safe space to indulge.

As women, we share the commonality of living life deeply, of having rich and complex relationships, of knowing how it feels to be deeply connected to the cycles of the earth through the cycles of our own bodies. These ‘knowings’ cannot be described or explained, they are simply who we are, known only by women, and they are the ties that bind us together.

And when it’s time to part company, we take the energy we’ve created back into our lives, back to the challenges that may seem too heavy to carry alone. When we leave, when we walk back into that… we stand a little taller, walk a little stronger, at least for awhile.

With a backward glance at my life, it’s easy to see that my happiest, most memorable and meaningful, most wild and crazy times have been in the company of my beautiful, brilliant, caring, compassionate, and divinely loving women friends. 

I am so deeply grateful for all the times in my life that I have laughed and loved in the company of women. 

May we merry meet again, my friends!

xo Janet

The Super-Agers Art Group – all stuffed into one car!

8 Comments on “In the Company of Women

  1. Fantastic! LOVE this! Thank you for putting into words what we all feel when we are with our g-friends!! xo

    • I’m so happy that you like it, I’m sure it’s a feeling that we all can relate to… xoxo

  2. Janet, I wish I could express my thoughts and feelings the way you do. You definitely have a gift. This group has helped me in ways you will never know. Thanks for all the kind words. We will certainly have to plan more excursions and road trips.

    • Thank you so very much, Margo, I’m so happy that you liked what I wrote.. I really wanted to express how wonderful our day was!

  3. Captured all of that wonderful energy so well in your writing…you have such a gift with words! Xo

  4. Love love love this!! You have perfectly captured a wonderful, easy day with our great SAG group. I can’t express how much simple pleasure and support this group has given me, or describe how rich these simple shared experiences are. Thanks for making SAG happen and for capturing so beautifully the joy and vitality that SAG has brought into our lives! 🤗👍💖👏

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