In keeping with the new way we must all now live, my blog is changing.

Although I still plan to share some of my photography, my focus will shift more to writing. Writing about this new reality that surrounds us and seems to invade every minute of our day. 

I am truly lost in this new world. Like a fish flopping around on shore, I am completely out of my element, not knowing how to deal with the constant challenges and changes of daily life and with a future that is beyond imagination.

I am sure that many of you feel exactly that way – particularly if you have, like me, already lived a long life that has always been anchored in a seemingly solid and relatively predictable world. The young may find it easier to adapt to the shifting sands of this new world, but for those of us in the older generations, in our ‘third and fourth chapters’, these times may be particularly challenging and confusing.

I plan to write about my own journey through these troubled and immensely exciting times, with the hope that you might find some small comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your own journey. Perhaps you will find something here that will help light your way. 

We are all together on this wild and crazy ride through this Grand Shift of Consciousness, and at the same time, we are also very much alone on our own cleverly crafted path. Only our own path can lead us through the Hero’s Journey into the darkness of our own karmic past and out the other side, directly into the light of clarity and healing that our souls long for. 

This will be my own perspective of these times and these events. I will freely and honestly share my experiences and opinions – you are very welcome to join me. If this doesn’t resonate with you however, I honour your path and I ask simply that you honour mine.



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