This post is for my fellow Misfits, Mavericks & Wayshowers, with whom I shared a most wonderful online retreat from Glastonbury in the UK. I do believe the energy from this amazing place spoke to me, because within an hour of the ending of our gathering, these words landed in a ‘packet’ within my Being.

I have struggled with the idea of sharing them, but the push/pull to do so just won’t let me rest… so here they are. If there is no resonance here with you, then just let the words be what they are, I feel there is a reason they came through me and that I will never know what their purpose might be. And that it is not for me to know. 

The outcome doesn’t matter, the outcome is not the reason or the purpose. It’s the doing that matters, following what feels like the next ‘right step’. 

And this feels right.

The pictures are mine, created for this post, (one from a photo from Avebury & the other from Hawaii) and these are the unedited words that were spoken to me, or by me:

The circle is open but unbroken,

May the peace of the Goddess go in our hearts

We meet for the last time, dearly beloved.

We know when we part, Avalon will be no more.

We will sink deeply into the darkness. It is written and so must happen. We will not recognize one another, we will not know of the bonds we have. We will be lost to each other for many many eons of time.

But we will find our way back. We will merry meet again and we shall find one another, and rise each other up. 

This is what must be. There is no other way.

All that we are will be lost. But all that we know and understand shall never be lost, not to ourselves nor to each other. In each other we will awaken this knowledge, this deep and never forgotten lost knowing. We will see each other’s souls and know who we are.

We leave now into the deepest separation that one can know or experience. We will be so alone, so separate from each other and the Divine Goddess that we will even loose ourselves and not know who we are. We will go so deep and so dark that we will be separate from our true selves, and we will feel we want to die of loneliness. 

But we will not. We will find each other at the Great Turn of the Wheel. And we will join hands and dance again, under the gentle beautiful boughs of Gaia and Sophia will dance with us as she does now, and the Light shall return to this most beautiful place and together we will dance it in. 

We will meet, but not know each other. We will be together, but remain far apart. We will remember that we have forgotten.

This has been seen and cannot be undone. 

“For I am the Goddess Sophia, soul of the great being Gaia. I love you dearly for you are my precious children, as with all life, you shall flourish until you loose your way in the darkness and it shall fall all around you and you shall not know Me or yourselves and the terror of not knowing will come upon the land but I am there. I am always there.  I will never leave you and when it is time for me to ascend, you shall go with me in body, mind and spirit. I shall leave no one behind, but this will not be the way you imagine it will be. So have faith, dear ones, because you are held in my most beautiful hands and you are safe and loved, always.

And together we shall heal.” 

Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.

Blessed Be.

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