As we navigate through the chaos of today’s world, it is becoming more and more obvious that the only path to peace is to be found in understanding and exploring the true nature of Soul.

All other roads lead nowhere. This should be obvious by now. The level of continual fear based confusion and information overload has become intolerable for many. We are existing literally on the edge of loosing our minds.

Could it be that the way out of the maze – is the way in?

Will deep inner exploration lead us to where we long to be?

I honestly believe we have nowhere else to search, not if we are truly looking for peace. Our longing is for a connection with our deepest self, our truest self… our soul. And that connection is our birthright, that connection is who we are. And yet, how do we make this real? How do we move past words and ideals into reality, into day to day living? Is the soul even real or just a concept?

So many questions, so few answers. Or so it seems.

So how to begin?

‘Begin where you are, of course’ said the wise woman, a thousand years ago. Begin with who you are right now and what you know about the soul in this very moment. And then expand from there….

And what do I know so far? Not a lot, really. My soul is remarkably unfamiliar to me. How strange is that? How have we fallen so far away from who we truly are!

We know (or think we do) that the call of the Soul, although often soft and subtle, is insistent and steadfast. It can be a shout in the darkness at times, but is usually a whisper – calling us Home. The language of the soul begins as a mystery, and needs to be studied, practiced and eternally explored.

Learning to hear the soul’s whisper, learning to see the soul’s messages found in the signs and synchronicities that surround us, learning to feel its guidance within our own energy field…. this is the challenge and the joy of living the spiritual life.

Choosing to live our lives this way can create a constantly unfolding journey of self understanding, self acceptance and trust, but it’s not easy. It requires commitment and a willingness to embrace change and find the sort of courage that we’re not sure we could ever have. But there comes a point when we discover we have crossed an invisible line and now there is no going back. We can only take the next step forward.

And so here I am. Like the Fool in the Tarot Deck, I am stepping into the unknown, exploring the nature of Soul, with no destination in mind – because all that matters is the experience, so they say. Now is the time to discover if that really is the truth.

Step One on my journey seems to be the resurrection of this blog and sharing the adventure of the exploration with you.

So many questions bubbling away, I wonder if that’s how we begin? Allowing the questions to guide us? The search for the answers may be the path itself.

How would it be to find and feel the flow of the Soul and then align with that flow, and then to be carried down the fast flowing stream of life, unfolding the unique experience of you being you in every moment?

Who would you be as you are flowing down that stream? Is now the time to find out?

You can find that flow, and so can I. I know we can.

Let’s jump in and I will see you down the flow!

Wacusco falls
Down the flow we go at Wacusco Falls in Northern Manitoba!

2 Comments on “Exploring the nature of Soul

  1. MOM!! this is great but you really should tell us when you re-do the blog! I ALMOST deleted you! haha- Cannot wait to see you and discuss our souls in that heavenly place- Barefoot Beach!! love you so!! xoxoox Kelly

    • LOL… I will try to remember to let you know when I do a re-do, hopefully this will be the last one for awhile. Barefoot Beach is the perfect place to share some deep soul-talk, xoxoxoxo

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