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A letter to my dog

My dear Shelby, Have I told you what a fabulous dog you are? I may have forgotten lately, you might even think I’ve been a little cranky….  and it could have something to do with your new hobby of barking incessantly at absolutely nothing every time you go outside. I’m not sure what you are thinking – perhaps you are just so excited about … Read More A letter to my dog


Be safe, be warm

It’s storming again, the blizzard rages around the house. It’s dark and I can’t see the snow, but I can hear it beating on the windows and I can feel the cold seeping through the doors. We’re safe inside, cuddled by the fire. It’s warm and bright, the smells of supper still linger. Soon we’ll sleep in soft cozy beds…. So many are not … Read More Be safe, be warm