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Being authentic & why it matters

The word ‘authentic’ seems to be everywhere these days. It’s become one of those ‘woke’ words that’s all trendy and tossed around like leaves in the wind, so now the word has lost any real meaning or value. I think it could be one of the most important words in our language at this moment. I think that each and every one of us … Read More Being authentic & why it matters


Farewell to Avalon

This post is for my fellow Misfits, Mavericks & Wayshowers, with whom I shared a most wonderful online retreat from Glastonbury in the UK. I do believe the energy from this amazing place spoke to me, because within an hour of the ending of our gathering, these words landed in a ‘packet’ within my Being. I have struggled with the idea of sharing them, … Read More Farewell to Avalon


Change is Upon us

In keeping with the new way we must all now live, my blog is changing. Although I still plan to share some of my photography, my focus will shift more to writing. Writing about this new reality that surrounds us and seems to invade every minute of our day.  I am truly lost in this new world. Like a fish flopping around on shore, … Read More Change is Upon us