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The Weight of Memories

Yesterday I sat on the hillside and watched the leaves fly off the trees. I don’t think I have ever done that before. Each year the leaves are on the trees, looking stunning in their fall splendour, and then they are on the ground. And it’s all over for another year. But I have never made the time to actually witness this magnificent transformation. … Read More The Weight of Memories


Choose creativity, repeat

This blog. Oh this blog of mine …. sigh…. The life of this blog parallels my creative life. Busy blog, creativity flowing; stagnant blog, creativity fading. Today, for the first time in a long time, my camera went with me on my walk. It used to be, that it would be more likely that I would forget my shoes than leave my camera when … Read More Choose creativity, repeat


It’s time for an August Break

August is upon us …. already! Such a different feeling than July. July is all about jumping wildly into the heat and promise of summer vacations, long lazy days packed full of water, sandy beaches and sunshine…. it is definitely a time for all of us to shed our pasty winter skin and spend time half naked in the blazing sun, soaking up as … Read More It’s time for an August Break


In pursuit of beauty

After months of feeling totally uninspired, photographically speaking, I’m back on track again, leaning in a slightly different direction. I wonder if you too are looking for something new for inspiration? For each of us, I’m sure it will be a different story, but for me, I think the reason I’ve been struggling with my photography is a lack of specific direction and inner … Read More In pursuit of beauty


Art: Successfully Liberated

Hello & happy spring, wherever you are! Finally I am sharing the beautiful postcards I received from the Liberate Your Art exchange. It was such fun to find them steadily show up in my mailbox, and then to connect with the artist over the next few days. Also… it brought other connections into my life – a special mention & thanks to my friend, … Read More Art: Successfully Liberated

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Walls of resistance & other annoyances

I have successfully liberated my art! Five small pieces of my art, each with their own little story, each with a part of me embedded, have been flung out into the world. They disappeared, tucked safely inside their modestly decorated envelope, into a bright red Canada Post mailbox. They’re truly gone, left home forever, having their own little postcard adventures, flying off to places … Read More Walls of resistance & other annoyances


A letter to my dog

My dear Shelby, Have I told you what a fabulous dog you are? I may have forgotten lately, you might even think I’ve been a little cranky….  and it could have something to do with your new hobby of barking incessantly at absolutely nothing every time you go outside. I’m not sure what you are thinking – perhaps you are just so excited about … Read More A letter to my dog


Be safe, be warm

It’s storming again, the blizzard rages around the house. It’s dark and I can’t see the snow, but I can hear it beating on the windows and I can feel the cold seeping through the doors. We’re safe inside, cuddled by the fire. It’s warm and bright, the smells of supper still linger. Soon we’ll sleep in soft cozy beds…. So many are not … Read More Be safe, be warm


A Leaf blew by

And reminded me that Life will return to our cold and frozen land. Life recycles. The old brown leaf holds the promise of spring; she carries the memory of new life into the new spring that is waiting just around the corner. Her beauty lies in the story she tells…. and I am so grateful that she found me on a bitter winter’s day … Read More A Leaf blew by

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Thinking about Geometric Balance

Believe it or not, we have now included 13 different types of Balance in our discussion on composition. And we are STILL counting!! Billie Jean King at Billiejean’s Home has added number 14 to our list… Geometric Balance! A few days ago, she sent the following images & thoughts:    Janet, thanks for encouraging smuggers to participate. Your blog (and 2 Guys’ and Art’s) … Read More Thinking about Geometric Balance

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Is there such a thing as ‘Conceptual Balance’?

Actually, I think that ‘Perceptual Balance’ would be a more accurate description. So, technically the answer to my question would be No, there’s no such thing as conceptual balance …. I’m referring to the idea that as we view an image, we are perceiving an element of balance that is obvious, but not visually present, hence: Perceptual Balance! Do you see it in the … Read More Is there such a thing as ‘Conceptual Balance’?

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Balance in black & white ….

Just when we think we have talked about every form of Balance in composition that can be found, we find more! Isn’t that exciting? Billie King at Billie Jean’s Home on SmugMug has contributed the following shots & thoughts on Balance, she is the first to notice that we have NO black & white shots in our discussion, an oversight that needs to be … Read More Balance in black & white ….