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Elements of Balance – How many can you find?

This little blog seems to be taking on a life of it’s own… which is wonderful! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support. My original idea was to introduce & discuss a different aspect of composition on a weekly basis. If you have been here more than once, you’ll have noticed that this is definitely not unfolding as planned! Most obvious … Read More Elements of Balance – How many can you find?

The Beauty of Balance

My previous post was all about Balance in composition, and how visual balance will help determine whether an image is perceived as being more stable & static or more dynamic & informal. In response to my Challenge to share images that display a strong element of  Balance, I received two very compelling contributions – Ed Spadoni of Ed Spadoni Photography and 2 Guys Photo, … Read More The Beauty of Balance

The Challenge of finding Balance

Not just in Life, but in photography as well…! And just as in Life, balance is so very important in photography. It is a key ingredient in one  of the most basic creative decisions that we make as we compose the image – How much tension or harmony do we want to create? Because the eye and the brain are always searching for balance, … Read More The Challenge of finding Balance

Contrast Challenge # 2

Last week’s Challenge to find several distinct contrasting elements & combine them for better composition, proved much more difficult than I had envisioned. But, I did manage to find three shots that I think are adequate enough to consider the challenge met….! The following are the Elements of Contrast that I was searching for: Hard/Soft High/Low Strong/Weak Thick/Thin The first one is a combination … Read More Contrast Challenge # 2

Contrast Challenge # 1

Following up on my previous post, I went looking for a variety of contrasts as a first step in improving my photographic eye for good composition. BTW… for a wealth of info on composition, Michael Freeman’s Photo Blog is a very worthwhile read & one I highly recommend bookmarking. My plan was to find all my shots on one morning walk & I was … Read More Contrast Challenge # 1


Composition 101 – Contrast

According to Michael Freeman in his exceptional new book “The Photographer’s Eye” – Composition is the organization of elements within the frame. – Contrast & balance are the two most fundamental principals of composition. Contrast is all about differences! Not surprisingly, I’ve always thought that contrast only meant the difference in value between highlights & shadows…… but the reality is that almost anything can … Read More Composition 101 – Contrast