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In the Company of Women

There is a very special energy created when women gather. Have you noticed? Have you ever felt it? I had a wonderful healthy dose of this very special energy last weekend and it ‘got me to thinkin’ … and wanting to write about it. You may have heard of our little group of women known locally as SAG. Our mission is mostly Art. But … Read More In the Company of Women

+ faded rose and old book

Follow that train of thought

I’ve been thinking a lot about perfection lately.  And with that, come thoughts of how I wish things were different. I wish I were younger, more energetic, slimmer and that I could still go outside and run fast like the wind, or even slow like a rolling stone. Just to run, on legs that didn’t ache. How wonderful that would be! I suppose these … Read More Follow that train of thought


The Weight of Memories

Yesterday I sat on the hillside and watched the leaves fly off the trees. I don’t think I have ever done that before. Each year the leaves are on the trees, looking stunning in their fall splendour, and then they are on the ground. And it’s all over for another year. But I have never made the time to actually witness this magnificent transformation. … Read More The Weight of Memories


Choose creativity, repeat

This blog. Oh this blog of mine …. sigh…. The life of this blog parallels my creative life. Busy blog, creativity flowing; stagnant blog, creativity fading. Today, for the first time in a long time, my camera went with me on my walk. It used to be, that it would be more likely that I would forget my shoes than leave my camera when … Read More Choose creativity, repeat


Onion soup & Apple pie

A little poem about friendship ….


New beginnings to old dreams

It’s a new beginning to an old dream…. This morning I found an old journal and realized that I write about the same things over and over again, year after year. It’s always the same, what I want is always the same: I want to write and share it. I want to take pictures and share them. I want to offer something meaningful to … Read More New beginnings to old dreams