Walls of resistance & other annoyances

the wall

I have successfully liberated my art! Five small pieces of my art, each with their own little story, each with a part of me embedded, have been flung out into the world. They disappeared, tucked safely inside their modestly decorated envelope, into a bright red Canada Post mailbox. They’re truly gone, left home forever, having […]

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Free your Art!

forest walk

As a photographer, are you discovering that the miracle of the digital camera has come with a dark side?

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A letter to my dog

My dear Shelby, Have I told you what a fabulous dog you are? I may have forgotten lately, you might even think I’ve been a little cranky….  and it could have something to do with your new hobby of barking incessantly at absolutely nothing every time you go outside. I’m not sure what you are […]

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Be safe, be warm

It’s storming again, the blizzard rages around the house. It’s dark and I can’t see the snow, but I can hear it beating on the windows and I can feel the cold seeping through the doors. We’re safe inside, cuddled by the fire. It’s warm and bright, the smells of supper still linger. Soon we’ll […]

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