Is there such a thing as ‘Conceptual Balance’?

Pier Pressure

Actually, I think that ‘Perceptual Balance’ would be a more accurate description. So, technically the answer to my question would be No, there’s no such thing as conceptual balance …. I’m referring to the idea that as we view an image, we are perceiving an element of balance that is obvious, but not visually present, […]

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Balance in black & white ….

Balancing Doors

Just when we think we have talked about every form of Balance in composition that can be found, we find more! Isn’t that exciting? Billie King at Billie Jean’s Home on SmugMug has contributed the following shots & thoughts on Balance, she is the first to notice that we have NO black & white shots […]

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Elements of Balance – How many can you find?

This little blog seems to be taking on a life of it’s own… which is wonderful! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support. My original idea was to introduce & discuss a different aspect of composition on a weekly basis. If you have been here more than once, you’ll have noticed that […]

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The Beauty of Balance

My previous post was all about Balance in composition, and how visual balance will help determine whether an image is perceived as being more stable & static or more dynamic & informal. In response to my Challenge to share images that display a strong element of  Balance, I received two very compelling contributions – Ed […]

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